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Reviewing books helps me understand, and I hope it will help you. I know that reading these works of creation can either enable or hinder us in our walks of life. I hope my reviews and stories will lead you to the former.

Summary: Alice discovers a wonderland under the sea. Will she survive this dark trip in ancient worlds yet to be explored?

Sea Siren: Chapter One

First Encounter NORTHERN TRENCH OF THE CORAL SEA Something was out there. The sonar pinged, showing a large object creeping towards the small submarine. Alice spoke into her mic, “Guys, are you getting this?” Nothing. She checked her input and her output then tried again, “Hello?” Static crackled in her headset. Something must have happened…

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Summary: Eryn learns that her grandmother was more adventurous than she realized. Will Eryn find some adventure of her own as she follows grandma’s journals?

It’s Just Coffee: Chapter One

Cliff Hanger Decision The picture of mountains was pasted in the airport from floor to ceiling near the glass walled entrance. People streamed around Eryn as she came to a stop. Stepping closer, she hesitantly reached out a hand and ran the tip of her fingers across the mountain range. Why had she never been…

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Summary: Alina loves her secluded world in the corners of the oldest library in existence away from the realms below her sky city. But life never lets one stay hidden for long.

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Swift by R.J. Anderson:

Book Review by Julia Welker Looking for a romp in the countryside with a dash of the ole magic thrown in? What if we add a piskey, a mysterious faery, and the possibility of other haberdashery?…

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Dust by Kara Swanson:

Book Review by Julia Welker The key to the captivation of this unwinding story is the spell of anticipation the author weaves over us that perhaps there is more to Claire than a dusty skin disorder.…

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