It’s Just Coffee: Chapter One

Cliff Hanger Decision

The picture of mountains was pasted in the airport from floor to ceiling near the glass walled entrance. People streamed around Eryn as she came to a stop.

Stepping closer, she hesitantly reached out a hand and ran the tip of her fingers across the mountain range. Why had she never been anywhere like that? At least as an adult.

A faint memory tugged at her mind. Then an ache started deep within her, a sadness and a longing.

Not another regret. Too many of those were piling up.

A call for her flight from Iowa to Chicago sounded. Eryn deliberately turned away but at the last second, she looked back, and that was all that was needed.

It reminded her of ‘The Call of the Void’. What psychologists named the phenomenon of looking over a cliff and feeling that urge to jump. Totally natural to feel and then you back away from the edge. Except in this case she followed her urge to do the unimaginable, that is, it all began by switching the tickets. Colorado in place of Chicago at the check in area.

This was her “jump”. 

Photo by Alex Azabache from Pexels

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