Sea Siren: Chapter Ten


Alice sensed nothing before the whole room jolted. What in the world? Were they being attacked? Out of instinct she looked toward the large curved window.

Water swirled with hints of marine snow aptly named in the way the organic matter drifted to the bottom of the ocean. Feeding thousands of mysterious and strange creatures below. But now she was below. Deep below.

And something was out there. Hiding in the shadows.

She could feel it’s presence.

What was it? What did it want?

Ever since her encounter with the Kraken, she felt…off. Like she had an extra sense that had been turned on that she never knew about. Had the others felt this way? 

This extra sense extended out. And she knew. Something was out there and it was watching her. Waiting for her. She stood and walked to the glass and pressed her palm against it. 

She felt it coming closer.



Then behind her the doors swooshed open. Heart pounding, Alice spun to the person emerging.

A soldier, his uniform all black with this vessel’s emblem in red. Reedy and thin, he gave her an odd look, “You’re injured?”

 Alice spun back to the ocean but only the dark ocean depths stared back at her. The feeling was gone,“Um…” Maybe she’d hit her head harder than she thought?

At that moment, sirens pierced the air, “Weee Ooo Eee Ooo!” and red lights flashed. 

The blond young man looked only mildly annoyed at the blaring sirens.

“I’m guessing there’s an emergency,” she stated. “Do we need to be worried?” He indicated for her to sit on the chair she had just vacated earlier as he unstraped his medic kit and pulled out rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. She guessed not.

Reluctantly, she sat.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Nevins,” he answered. 

He sighed as he finally answered her earlier question, probably hoping she’d be quiet, “A storm, possible hurricane, is coming. But we are already on our way to safety. Too bad for anyone above. Hopefully your team made it back to shore by now. The winds are getting nasty.”

Her heart skipped. “What? But the weather was forecasted to be clear and-” He raised his brow at her as she pushed his hand aside. She started for the door.


She barely glanced back, “I need to know if they’re alright. If they’re still up there…then it’s my fault.”

He sighed, “Miss, it’s too late.” Alice paused at the door. He continued, “We’re bound for Mount Doom.” At her look, he added, “Not my word choice.”

Alice asked, “Is my submarine repaired?”

He walked over to her with the cotton balls, getting in her space, and started cleaning her head wound. Pain zinged to the tip of her nose in the most bizarre fashion as he poked at her head. 

“I’ll tell you if you promise to stay still until I’m done.”

All at once, she heard the large sub moan. A moment later under their feet, the sub swayed as the power was ramped up as the swarming waters pushed against its heading. The sea even at this depth in a storm was not a peaceful place. 

Leland, Zira, and the others were still at sea because of her and they would need help. Alice pushed his hands away, “With or without your help, I will find my way back to the docking area.” And she left the room. Quietly behind her, she heard Nivens follow after an annoyed sigh.

Disclaimer: I will be modifying this as I write. So nothing is cannon. Thank you for reading!

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