Blog Post: Thoughts & Speculations

Blog Post: Speculations and Thoughts

As Christians, we live in the hope of the unseen. We rest in this hope. Lately, I have struggled as I pondered the heavens, the stars and my recent discovery that on December 21st we will get to see a double planet, a rare celestial event. The next time we see it will be hundreds of years from now. Imagine all the wonderful exciting things out there among the stars!

As I contemplated this and imagined all the celestial events of the past and future I have not and then will not see, my heart doubted eternity. Will I really one day wake up to see my loved ones and Jesus? Will I really get to live forever? Will I really get to have the adventure of learning and studying and adventuring around God’s creative genius in eternity?

It might seem a tad trivial to some. But that is part of my hope. My true hope is in Jesus coming again to fulfill the promises in his word of course, but God has created within me this insatiable desire to know, to understand, and to admire the beauty of his creation which leads into an indescribable emotion of fulfilment when I can in some part imitate that in stories I create.

Hope. It is funny how often we become discouraged and need encouragement to have hope. God knows we need it, and today, I happened to listen to Rest in Hope from the Dwell app over Romans 8:18-28. “But hope that is seen is not hope, because who hopes for what he sees? Now if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with patience.”

Sometimes I doubt my calling to write. I can’t see it because it’s not all there yet, and in the middle of the night, I can feel trivial, small, and inconsequential. But I get out my computer and I write. I find random times in the middle of the day, and I write. I choose to believe God’s truths by way of my actions and pray that God will bring that believing into my heart in the beautiful ways he does. Then my actions show my faith, my hope.

Where are you struggling to have hope right now?

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